Gouldings Arch -What makes it great!

There is a little historic sprawling complex in San Juan County,Utah just outside the borders of Monument Valley called Goulding’s and it features a large, campground, stores ,restaurant and a museum. This place dates back to 1921 when first established by Harry Goulding. Soon actor John Wayne would start filming many western movies in this area. It also is a very scenic location and has an amazing and views of Monument Valley, especially during the sunrise hours which was incredible when I was there.

The only reason I stumbled across this place is because I was looking for a hotel close to Monument Valley and the one right on Monument Valley property was sold out . So Gouldings lodge seemed like the next best option and it really was! Little did I know there was a hidden arch called Gouldings Arch back in the Canyon and once I found out, I was determined to find it. I saw it on the hotel map and knew that it was something to check out simply because often to see these big red rock arches, you have to hike into them .

Gouldings Arch is only a 0.6 mile trail which starts at the campground in Gouldings. It takes you through some beautiful red rock as it wraps around the canyonside. You can even see rock formations from Monuement Valley.

Soon you are already at this perfectly formed Arch and seeing the 13 meter opening gives you a great perspective as you check out all angles and admire ot beauty. I thought to myself even though this may be over shadowed by Monument Vaey, it is aittle hidden gem that is a must see when in that area!

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