Peralta Trail is the perfect hike!

If you are looking for a hike that has elevation, rock formations, beautiful desert plants, views beyond belief, and a great finale at the end, not to mention a great workout, this is your hike! Peralta Trail is actually one of my favorite hikes in the Superstition mountains for all these reasons.

The Peralta Trail is a 6.2 mile roundtrip hike along the Southwest side of the Superstition wilderness. It begins at the mouth of Peralta Canyon and climbs very steadily on a rugged rocky trail. There is a lot of vegetation and cactus including Saguaros, Prickly Pear Cactus, Agaves and other plants along the way. If you are lucky , you might catch some pools of or flowing water in the creek bed, but only if there has been rain very recently.

The trail does get pretty rugged in places and there are a few areas where you have to scramble over rocks having to watch where you’re stepping, but dont forget to look all around you and take in the views of the columns of the volcanic rock needles along the canyon wall. Watch out for Bighorn sheep which is an added bonus to the hike.

Around the 1.7 mile mark, You will cross through Prickly pear gardens along a smoother path consisting of switch backs and lots of different Rock formations .

Another half a mile and you are at Fremont saddle with a view of Weavers Needle, Boulder Canyon, and a plethora of different shapes peaks, mesas and trails in the background. A lot of People stop here to rest, take in the view or even follow the trail for 4 miles all the way to the Peralta Dutchman trail Junction on the floor of Boulder Canyon. I urge you to go to the right and hike an extra 0.5 miles to the lone pine tree visible to the East where you can get a close up view of Weavers Needle. You will not regret it and the panoramic views are outstanding!

Weavers Needle

Weaver’s needle is the highlight of this hike and is a 1000′ high column of rock that forms a distinctive peak and was created when a thick layer of fused volcanic ash was heavily eroded creating aspire as an erosional remnant. It has a summit elevation of 4555′ and can be seen for miles. There are stories of gold hidden in and around Weaver’s needle, but has yet to be found!

The Lone Pine tree

On the way back you will definitely enjoy the view of the Canyon and if you are hiking the afternoon ,you will be in the shade for part of the way.

Weavers Needle

If you are again lucky, depends on the year and seasonal rain, you will be able to see all kinds of flowers from March to June Before the temperatures get too hot. And speaking of hot, don’t forget to take a lot of water and a few snacks along the way.

Like I said before, this hike has it all and then some. You will feel like you accomplished a great hike and your legs will feel like it too!

2 thoughts on “Peralta Trail is the perfect hike!

  1. Love your photos of the Peralta Trail. Nice story too! I hiked it last February and plan to again next year. I will take your tip and hike to “lone pine” next time.. Your photos really capture the beauty. Keep up the great work. Jeff from Minnesota…


    • Thank you for your comment Jeff. I’m glad you are thinking of hiking it again. Honestly it is a really neat view from the lone pine and not a hard hike over to that point. So worth it!


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