My bucket list hike kicked my butt! I made it to the top!

There is a hike that I have been wanting to do for a long time, called the Flat iron that is considered to be the hike of all hikes around the area in Arizona and is only a 30 minute drive from my home .It is guaranteed to kick your butt!

The hike is named the Flat iron because it does look like an iron and has an elevation of 4800′ ft located in the pinnacle of the Superstition mountains. It is a total of 6.2 miles round trip which doesn’t seem like much, but let me tell you, its enough! The trail is called the Siphon Draw trailhead and I have hiked this trail a couple times with family and made it up to the basin which looks like an amphitheater and is a really smooth pretty area surrounded by rock formations in all shapes and sizes.

The weather was perfect and at 76f as a high , so it was the best and ideal condition to do this hike. It was now or wait until the winter when the temperatures would be cool enough to attempt. There weren’t any clouds in the sky on this day, but it didn’t matter to me. Even though I prefer clouds when I take photos and hike, I wasn’t too concerned, because I knew that I probably wouldn’t be taking a lot of photos on this strenuous hike.

With this trek, you start a rocky gradual rise how to the base of the mountain. It is 1. 6 miles of trail which takes you up to the amphitheatre like area. Continuing on, we have to navigate up to the vertical stretch of climbing giant boulders, loose rock and carefully manuever around prickly pear cactus and thorn like bushes. Just when you think you are almost to the top noticing the flatiron in sight, it is still another 1800 ft to scale up in one mile and most of it is vertical. There were a few areas that would not be for the faint of heart , but luckily there were enough grooves to put your hand and feet in the boulders to help you along the way.

Finally reaching the top after almost 3 hours was exhilarating and walking out onto the flat iron I could see beautiful 360 views. I noticed that there were alot of Prickly pear and Agave plants up there to add to the beauty. We spent about 30 min up there to take a few photos and muster up the strength and energy to make it down.

We started the trek down, but undersetimated the time it would take to carefully scale back down the boulders without slipping. I did most of this going backwards using hands and feet until we got back down to the Amphitheatre which gave the best Golden Hour light on the rocks I could ever imagine. In fact I had a hard time concentrating on the trail because the light and views were amazing .

We still had about 1.5 miles to go as the sun was setting and our goal was to make it out of the canyon before dark which we did. We then had to resort to the last mile with a flashlight. A little undaunting in the open desert.

Whew! We made it back to the parking lot and I was very relieved that we saw no snakes! Just one big spider , a squirrel and lots of geckos. Some advice would be to give yourself plenty of time, plenty of water, good hiking shoes and gloves would be an additional comfort as I scraped my hands pretty good. Needless to say, I’m writing this two days later very sore and happy I can cross it off my bucket list because I probably won’t do it again!

4 thoughts on “My bucket list hike kicked my butt! I made it to the top!

  1. These write-ups and pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I definitely want to do all these trails! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing all this.


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